Why Video?

A photo may remind you of a moment - but a video will make you feel like you're there.  It can capture the words you say and all of the small details that make you who you are. There's nothing like video for reliving your day, and remembering the love you share.


The Process:


1. Tell us your story.

We want to get to know you and your story. We learn about all of the people you're excited to see and the moments you can’t wait for. Then, we work together on your timeline to make sure the day flows effortlessly.


2. Have the best day.

Our first priority is that you get to enjoy and take in your special day. We promise that if you’re having fun then we are absolutely making a good video. The less you feel our presence, the better our shots will be.


3. Laugh, cry, share.

Our edits are simple, we aim to let your moments speak for themselves. If you are just as likely to cry laughing at your own dance moves as you are to shed a sentimental tear then you’re going to love the film we make for you.


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