The Live oak

Our studio is named after one of nature’s great wonders, a beautiful and massive tree that grows for hundreds of years, outliving generations. We hope that your wedding film, too, will last for generations as a story of love that your legacy can be built on. 


Meet the Filmmakers


Zach Cullen

Filmmaker, Owner


There are moments on your wedding day that happen so quickly you may barely recognize their importance. It’s in these fleeting moments that treasured memories can be captured and preserved to be relived over the years as you watch your film. Zach captures your day to be viewed with your family and loved ones tomorrow, on your first anniversary, and someday after 25 years of marriage. His hope is that as your family grows and changes, you will be able to relive these moments and share them as you create your legacy. Outside of work you'll find him hiking or tasting coffee with his better (and more creative) half, Staci. 



Gabby Fordham

Filmmaker, Associate


With over 100 weddings under her belt at Live Oak Films, Gabby has shot and edited thousands of hours of footage and become a master at crafting emotional moments into beautiful films. Her background in design and psychology brings both a beautiful aesthetic eye and a deep empathy to the filmmaking process. Outside of work you'll find her exploring new cities and art museums,  or crafting the perfect wine and cheese spread with her husband Ethan.